Visibility tools

Logo and visual identity

The ClimSA Programme has its own distinct identity that is easily recognisable from other initiatives.
The ClimSA logo shall always be used in conjunction with the OACPS (ACP) and EU logos.

Download various versions of the ClimSA logo:

(jpg, png, vector and PDF)



Corporate identity manual

The ClimSA Brandbook outlines standards for multidimensional applications and specifications including for the colour palette, typography, layout and templates for the consistent application of the ClimSA Visual Identity.

Download visibility and communication tools:


Graphical Guidelines (Brandbook) Full Version - PDF | 10MB

Visibility guidelines  for Technical Implementation Partners - PDF | 2,4 MB

Powerpoint Presentation Template  Blank Version - PPTx | 6MB


Zoom Banner For online meetings - JPG | 1,8 MB

Icons 14 Versions - PNG /VECTOR | 2.7 MB

Image Library 17 Images - JPG / PNG | 15 MB

ClimSA Logo EN AND FR - Jpeg/PDF/PNG/Vect | 30 MB

Font Suitcase ‘Work Sans’ Font - ZIP | 2,3 MB