ClimSA @ COP28

ClimSA @ COP28

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ClimSA at COP28: Side Events

1. Building domestic capacity for effective resilience for ACP SIDS (SEYCHELLES PAVILION) 

2. Advanced Climate Services for Knowledge-Driven Decision-MAKING (AFRICA PAVILION)   

3. South-South cooperation within and between OACPS’ SIDS (MOANA PAVILION) 

4. Strengthening User Interface Platform for climate services (CARICOM PAVILION) 

5. Fostering Regional User Interfaces for Informed Decision-MakinG (AFRICA PAVILION)


6. The Role of the MVI in Leveraging Finance for Resilience BUILDING (UNFCCC SE6) 



Building Bridges for Climate Services towards Tomorrow's Resilient Societies

The ClimSA Programme actively participated in the recently concluded COP28 UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai, UAE, held from November 30 to December 12, 2023. COP28 addressed challenges related to technology and innovation, inclusion, communities disproportionately affected by climate change, and access to finance.

In collaboration with technical implementing partners and regional beneficiaries, ClimSA spotlighted (i) the impact of advancing South-South Cooperation in developing Climate Services, (ii) User Interface Platforms (UIPs), and (iii) Climate Services for Renewable Energy (CS4RE) on enhancing decision-making processes. This initiative aimed to support strategic choices favoring sustainable economic growth in Africa, the Caribbean, and Pacific regions. Experiences were shared during presentations and discussions, shedding light on lessons learned by these regions and the challenges encountered in utilizing user-friendly climate-smart decision-making tools.

As the lead organizer, ClimSA extended invitations to keynote speakers for participation in side events scheduled across various pavilions. Regular updates on the schedule of ClimSA's side events were provided to keep stakeholders informed.