Output 1

Setting up the coordination mechanism

Evaluation, monitoring and reporting on the Intra ACP Climate  Services Programme is established and maintained.

Output 2

Designing and implementing the systems and strategies

Development and support to the implementation of the capacity building plan in strategic and thematic issues to augment the capacity of stakeholders in every step of the climate services value chain in line with the Competency Framework for Climate Services, is ensured.

Output 3

Organising communication, visibility, awareness and knowledge management

Establishment and operationalisation of an appropriate communication, visibility and knowledge management strategy serving the exchange and cross fertilisation of experience among Intra ACP Climate Services Programme partners is maintained.

Output 4

Convening and organizing meetings and workshops

Organisation of Intra-ACP Climate Services yearly fora and other events is guaranteed.

Output 5

Planning and implementing the knowledge management activities

Setting up of a dedicated Information platform/Portal to exchange best practices, make information available for specific needs and encourage cooperation between the regions, is strengthened.

Output 6

Developing policy decision support tool

Support to Regional Climate Centers in bringing added-value to climate services through integration of socio-economic elements, analytical components and visualization tools is ensured.