Training workshop on climate decision support tool “Climate Station”

Training workshop on climate decision support tool “Climate Station” developed by the Joint Research Centre for the OACPS Regional Climate Centres: 20th to 31st March 2023, Ispra Italy

The European Union Joint Research Centre (JRC) is organising a workshop for Climate Station co-development that will take place in Ispra (Italy) from 20th to 31st March, gathering thematic experts and IT specialists from OACPS Regional Climate Centres (RCCs).

JRC is one of the technical implementing partners of the ClimSA Programme, with a specific mandate to capacitate OACPS RCCs in the development of climate smart informed decision-making tool. 

The Climate Station is a platform for retrieving, processing and visualizing climate and EO datasets for the implementation of climate services. It is developed by JRC for the ClimSA Programme, and has been already deployed to the RCCs since 2021, as a prototype. The platform is now mature for full integration in the Climate Service Information Systems (CSIS) at the regional level and deployment to the national institutions.

The main goal of the Workshop is to prepare staff from the 8 Regional Climate Centre (RCCs) on theoretical and practical aspects required to use the Climate Station to support their climate services in the framework of the ClimSA Programme.
In this respect, the workshop has the four following main objectives:

  • Introduce the Climate Station application structure and coding environment,
  • Review the existing products and list the new data set needed for the different services,
  • Define the new chain algorithms and Jupyter Notebooks to automate the products elaboration,
  • Share experience between the RCCs experts themselves and exchange with the JRC experts dedicated to similar services.

The overall idea is to adapt as much as possible the required Climate Station functionalities to each specific services during the workshop with the experts. The experts should be familiar with the Climate Station environment, they should go back with the required data sets and should at least initiate the processing chains updating, be enriched by technical and methodological experience sharing.

So far, seven out of eight RCC have already registered with a total of eighteen delegates from OACPS regions will enjoy the inspired environment of Ispra Italy for the last two weeks of March 2023.

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