Capacity building on the socio-economic benefit tool

A key objective of the ClimSA Programme is to develop an operational network of Regional Climate Centers (RCCs) across the 6 regions of the OACPS that meet international standards for quality and standardisation of climate services.

In order to achieve international certification by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the ClimSA Programme is providing a series of capacity building activities aimed at strengthening the technical and managerial capacities of the RCCs.

Since February 2022, online training on the use and development of a country template for the socio-economic benefit (SEB) tool has been conducted. Utility of the SEB tool will enable climate-informed decision-making, and increase the development and application of climate services in climate-sensitive sectors. This should lead to better planned investment decisions that should lead to sustainable economic growth, enhance productivity in key economic sectors and build resilience. The training has provided climate services professionals in the RCCs of the OACPS to applied, practical knowledge of the SEB tool.   

The Intra-ACP ClimSA Programme has, in collaboration with Ventana Inc. and North Dakota University, facilitated the training on the SEB tool. The first version of the SEB tool is now available. It is now for RCCs to use it to produce a country pilot case study demonstrating the benefits of climate services and information for socio-economic growth.

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