Capacity Building Strategy

This Capacity Building Strategy (CBS) sets out six strategic objectives and the crosscutting strategic mechanism that together are intended to respond to the need for building capacity to develop and support excellent, innovative, relevant, informative and reliable climate services.
The framing reflects the priority focus areas of the knowledge domain enabling the producers and users of the climate services to build informed climate science-based decision-making for policy and sustainable development.


The purpose of this capacity-building strategy is to increase the capability of the national and regional experts to design, formulate, develop and tailor climate services to meet the needs and requirements of the users on the ground in various climate-sensitive sectors. This will lead to providing useful climate knowledge and services for regional and national climate strategies and plans and contribute to the UNFCCC and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The ClimSA CBS aims to strengthen the capacity of each of the eight Regional Climate Centres (RCCs) within the ACP region, by filling the gaps identified during the capacity need review, in order to strengthen- en the RCCs to enhance their effectiveness and sustainability. The capacity review identified the existing capacities and determined the opportunities and constraints to the achievement of the result areas of the programme. The CBS seeks to build upon existing capacities in RCCs, reduce duplication and utilize opportunities to leverage investments in strategic partnerships and synergies.

Capacity Building Strategy - VOL 1

Capacity Building Strategy - VOL 2