CLIMSA’21 FORUM: Recommendations

As main outputs, the Forum formulated nine operational recommendations:

  • To build capacity in Decision Support System (DSS) for sector specific priorities of Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS);
  • To improve adapted dissemination means for climate information to the regional, national and community level;
  • To increase capacity to develop climate smart agriculture in relevant sectors;
  • To strengthen end-to-end Early Warning Systems (EWS) including community-based EWS;
  • To convene a regional stakeholder workshop between climate experts and socio-economic sectors representatives to define and validate the user requirements;
  • To encourage Regional Climate Centers to extend the services to all GFCS priority sectors;
  • To operationalize collaborative platforms between climate and health sectors to promote co-design and co-production; 
  • To implement Hydrological Status and Outlook System (hydrosos) initiative; 
  • To assist National HydroMeteorological Services (NHMS) for institutional capacity to extend its mandate in the full GFCS sector priorities.